How Do You Build and Validate 1500 Models and What Can You Learn from Them? An Automated and Reproducible System for Building Predictive Models for Bioassay Data
Landrum, Greg|Rotonde

Machine Learning of Partial Charges From QM Calculations and the Application in Fixed-Charge Force Fields and Cheminformatics
Riniker, Sereina |Rotonde

Artificial Intelligence for Predicting Molecular Electrostatic Potentials (ESPs): A Step Towards Developing ESP-guided Knowledge-based Scoring Functions
Rathi, Prakash Chandra|Rotonde

Next-Generation MD-QSAR Models of Dynamic Kinase-Inhibitor Interactions Based on Machine Learning and Molecular Dynamics
Fourches, Denis |Rotonde

Automated Selectivity Inversion of Kinase Inhibitors
Fulle, Simone |Rotonde

Multivariate Regression with Left-censored Data – Efficient Use of Incompletely Measured Bioactivity Data for Predictive Modelling
Baumann, Knut |Rotonde

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