In The Need of Bias Control: Evaluation of Chemical Data for Machine Learning Methods in Structure-Based Virtual Screening
Sieg, Jochen

An Exhaustive Assessment of Computer-Based Drug Discovery Methods by High-Throughput Screening Data
Koch, Oliver

Lessons Learned in Benchmarking Virtual Screening for Polypharmacology
Lenselink, E. B. 

Assisting Site-directed Mutagenesis in silico to Optimize Ligand-Binding
Gutierrez de Teran, Hugo

Structural Analysis of Chemokine Receptor-Ligand Interactions for Computational Modelling Integration in Drug Design
Arimont, Marta 

Generation of Structure-based Pharmacophore Models in Protein Binding Sites Obtained from Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Application to Understanding Kd of Hsp90 Ligands
Langer, Thierry 

How Significant are Unusual Intermolecular Interactions?
Kuhn, Bernd

Interaction Pattern Analysis – What are we Missing?
Nass, Alexandra

Hydrogen Bonds as Determinants of Structural Stability
Majewski, Maciej

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